We here at Butterhead Greens Café truly care for our environment and whenever we can we source from local farmers and use packaging that is environmentally responsible.

We recycle avidly and use compostable products wherever possible, because we feel it’s necessary not because its required.  We charge a $.99 to go charge and we like to think of it as an investment into the earth rather than a charge to the customer; believe it or not we match you on this investment.

Please help us continue to act responsibly and encourage all the other businesses you frequent to take the same steps.  The earth is our mother so be good or you’ll get grounded.


Chef Patrick Zimmerman has been working in kitchens for as long as he can remember, from his mothers in his child hood home of Atlanta to fine dining kitchens across the country.  Formally educated at the Culinary Institute Of America he has taken the skills he learned there and from all of his culinary experiences to all food he prepares whether in his home or at work.

In 2010 his business partner Chef Seth Musler brought him back to Savannah to open Butterhead Greens Café where the goal was to feed Savannah with wholesome homemade and responsibly produced food.  A love of food, friends and enjoying life while working hard has driven him to craft Butterhead Greens Café with Seth Musler into what we enjoy today:  Fast, Fresh, and affordable.  Enjoy!